Comprehensive Care


Do you want a medication for every individual ache or pain? Want 5 medications for 5 diagnoses? Do you feel like you are simply a medical problem when you walk into the office?

What is our meaning of comprehensive care?

Shouldn’t we expect a medical evaluation to focus on you as a whole person and figure out what’s at the root of your health and wellness? We approach health care as a holistic concept and aim to give you your best life. Conventional medicine asks “what” is wrong with you. We lean functional to ask “why” things are the way they are.

What is in it for me?

We dig deep to figure out what you need. We offer an ancestral approach to nutrition, physical activity, stress relief, and sleep. If appropriate, we address deficiencies as well as bioidentical hormone therapies.

From a comprehensive approach, we remove roadblocks to your best health. There are no copays for visits, and in-office testing is free for EKG, urine tests, pregnancy tests, and strep throat. Need some routine stitches? We’ve got you covered.

A call for medical help is a phone call away!

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