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Our culture has been convinced that there is one way to do healthcare. That way is to spend more and more money on an inefficient system. There is a better way. Deep down, we know that the current way of doing things is not working. We pay more than ever for premiums, suffer from enormous deductibles, then have to pay copays. On top of that, chronic diseases are worsening by the year! We believe this is normal. It is not even close to normal.

Does it work?

The average medical practice has about 80% overhead to manage the system of insurance. There are 7-8 staff members for each medical provider. Sound expensive? The only way to make money is to see more people, averaging 20-25 patients each provider daily.

In DPC we believe in doing it better. We don’t touch insurance, which allows our overhead to be 10-20%. The result? We only see about 3-6 patients daily. We can do telemedicine more freely because we aren’t begging an insurance company for reimbursement. We answer to you!

Will it help me?

An increase in Direct Primary Care visits leads to decreased medical costs. Not just a little! DPC has shown “35% fewer hospitalizations, 65% fewer ER visits, 66% fewer specialist visits, and 82% fewer surgeries.” (British Medical Journal, 2013).

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