Feed The Beast

Want to feel optimal, vibrant, and strong?


“Feed The Beast” is a program designed from over 30 years of a desire to do better. You want more, but it seems the “system” just isn’t adding up. You’ve tried talking to your medical providers only to feel more isolated and frustrated. Get personalized 1:1 coaching to put you in the driver’s seat with your true health and wellness.

Our background is in exercise physiology, conventional medical training, functional medicine training, and army medicine. We don’t ask for permission from your insurance company, we listen to you and your body to create success. This simple distinction allows us to use words like “optimize”, “vibrant”, and “strong” to set goals. Get extended lab assessments with detailed interpretations, functional nutrition, and quality supplementation, 1:1 coaching, and metabolic assessments, and put yourself in the driver’s seat for your true health and wellness.

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