"Feed the Beast"

Want to feel optimal, vibrant, and strong?

Looking to experience the best possible health with a sense of vitality and strength?

The Feed The Beast (FTB) program is a culmination of over 30 years of frustration with the current healthcare system. If you’ve tried talking to your medical providers and feel more isolated and frustrated, we’re here to help. Our team has a background in exercise physiology, conventional medical training, functional medicine, and army medicine. We focus on personalized 1:1 coaching that puts you in control of your health and wellness.

We don’t ask for permission from your insurance company, and we prioritize listening to you and your body to achieve success. Our approach emphasizes optimization, vibrancy, and strength as goals. We offer extended lab assessments with detailed interpretations, functional nutrition, quality supplementation, 1:1 coaching, and metabolic assessments. With our program, you can take charge of your true health and wellness.

The Tipping Point

For the past 30 years, we’ve been involved in the health and wellness field, and during that time, we’ve experienced a growing frustration with ourselves and our patients. It’s even evident on a global scale. Few people feel their best, and we’re rapidly approaching a tipping point where we can no longer accept the status quo.

While it’s typical to experience a decline in health and vitality as we age, it’s not natural for humans. At Feed the Beast, we reject the notion of settling for “good enough” and strive for more. Our approach combines science, ancestral wisdom, common sense, and practical experience to create a smart system that moves you closer to optimal health.

Live Free – There is a better way

The healthcare system in the US is focused on “sick care,” aimed at preventing death rather than promoting health and wellness. This system doesn’t prioritize addressing the root causes of illness and disease. It’s important to take charge of your own health and wellness and only rely on the traditional healthcare system when you are sick.

About "Feed the Beast"

At Feed The Beast, we’ve spent over 30 years striving for better health and wellness. We understand the frustration of feeling like the system isn’t serving you, and the isolation and frustration that can come from talking to medical providers. That’s why we offer personalized 1:1 coaching to help you take control of your own health journey.

With backgrounds in exercise physiology, conventional medical training, functional medicine training, and army medicine, we don’t ask for permission from insurance companies. Instead, we listen to you and your body to create a personalized plan for success. By setting goals that prioritize optimization, vibrancy, and strength, we can help you achieve true health and wellness.

Our program includes extended lab assessments with detailed interpretations, functional nutrition consultations and recommendations, medical-grade supplementation, 1:1 coaching, and advanced biometric and metabolic assessments. It’s time to take charge of your health and join us on the journey to optimal wellness.

"Being able to speak with medical staff about nutrition and exercise goals has been invaluable. I feel incredible. I feel stronger and have better muscle definition. It also feels like most of my minor aches and pains have gone away. Even some of the mental symptoms like "brain fog" and anxiety, which I have been having for about a year and a half now, have decreased in frequency and severity. The overall improvement to my health and mood have far exceeded my expectations"
Police Detective

Settling is Pointless – Go get it!

Every week, we come across unsuspecting people with metabolic dysfunction, including our athletes. It’s time to take back control of your health and wellness. Join the FTB program and gain access to our webinars where we review the latest concepts in health and wellness.



What They Say

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