Extensive Labs

Access to discounted labs at a fraction of the retail cost.

Our labs are tailored to meet individual requirements, conveniently ordered, and can be administered in the comfort of your home.

Brian M
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I came to NuMed after experiencing a pretty serious health issue. I knew it was time to begin taking a detailed look at my labs and having them reviewed by someone who knows the proper way to interpret them. Right out of the gate, Adam got labs ordered and was very thorough when reviewing them.
Susan T
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The staff sees the individual (n=1) and uses Lab work for data and informed decisions. Very accessible and willing to educate me along the way.
Linda W
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The care I’ve received at NuMed was exemplary; Adam was caring and thoughtful, explaining in detail lab results and solutions to any anomalies in the report. Their approach to medicine is cutting-edge and innovative.