Adam is the bomb! He knows what make the body tick. He helps me apply the science to what I eat and how I need to live to make my body hummm.

Laura Otto Avatar Laura Otto
April 26, 2023

NuMed does a wonderful job of listening and considering. I’ve never felt pressured and have had multiple options presented to me when seeking next steps. Being able to get in touch with or see my doctor as often as needed and not worry about visit costs has been the greatest! Highly recommend

Belle Kraxberger Avatar Belle Kraxberger
February 27, 2023

My family and I have been going to see Adam and Dara for several years now, and boy are we glad we found them! Not only do they treat you like family, their service is attentive, intentional, and wholistic. They spend the time and energy to workout the problems you are facing, and not just slapping you with a prescription. Their business model is economical and realistic, and couldn't be more grateful for their practice. Additionally, I have been going through with their ketamine therapy program, as I have suffered with anxiety most of my life, and couldn't be happier with the results! Highly, highly, highly recommend these folks!

Dan DeBacco Avatar Dan DeBacco
January 27, 2023

Remarkable! Doctor Adam and Nurse Dara have created an unfathomable approach to medicine. I Have an emergency 24/7 phone number to call, a patient portal where trained healthcare providers answer and communicate with impressive responsiveness, and this is unbelievably inexpensive. As a Vet, it can take weeks to months just to make an appointment. Well, I have discovered a true find here and will be with this team for the remainder of my life. NuMed Direct Primary Care has done nothing other than to impress, and I would rate them higher would Dr. Google allow it.

Robert McGee Avatar Robert McGee
November 27, 2022

From my experience with both Adam and Dara, I would recommend this office to anyone. They are true functional medicine practitioners and are doing it the way it should be done. They get you off of pills, not recommend them. I have nothing but great rapport with them. They care and want what is best for each person individually and not a general plan for everyone. They work on YOU and what is working right and not...then try to get YOU to your optimal health.

Rare Finds Warehouse Avatar Rare Finds Warehouse
April 26, 2023

Fantastic service!!!! Adam and Dara have helped me and my family with some very complex issues. Their vast knowledge of innovative treatments have done more for my family than the multitude of doctors we had seen prior to signing up for their practice. They have cleared up issues for me that I have been struggling with for years. Do yourself a favor and sign up today. They are the best!!!!

Leslie Langley Avatar Leslie Langley
December 27, 2022

NuMed has been our doctor for years now! They truly care about each individual patient. They’re also wonderful with kids! My kids are always happy to go to see Dr. Adam. The best part is that there is never a wait time to get in touch with them, they’re always happy to help minimize costs, and they’re knowledgeable in providing a well rounded holistic approach!

Allison Gomer Avatar Allison Gomer
December 27, 2022

I highly recommend NuMed. Great team of compassionate care givers. Super easy to get appointments scheduled. Adam treats the whole person. Very easy to talk to, and provides great service. Cost is very reasonable as well.

Jason Edwards Avatar Jason Edwards
November 27, 2022

Our family recently switched to NuMed for our primary care and couldn’t be happier with the care we are receiving! Adam spent at least a full hour with me for my first appointment and LISTENED to my concerns. Together we mapped out a plan forward to improve my health. My teenage son thought Adam was cool and easy to talk to. He has a lot of bloodwork done to answer some questions my son had. This is old fashioned medical care at its best and is a great deal financially as well which was really important to my husband and I since he is self employed and we only carry catastrophic insurance. I would recommend this type of primary care to anyone who is fully insured as well. It’s medical care at its best!

Holly Hoch Avatar Holly Hoch
December 27, 2022

NuMed is exactly what HEALTHcare should be; direct access to your medical provider and a focus on the root cause of health issues and how to fix them. I’m so grateful to have found a patient-centric medical practice and such caring practitioners in both Adam and Dara.

Traci K Avatar Traci K
April 26, 2023

Adam has been our concierge doctor for several years. He is very responsive and takes his time when seeing us. I’ve always been able to make appointments within a few days. Adam is not a typical doctor in that he will never prescribe and dismiss but if you are looking for someone who will guide you to optimum health, he’s the one!

Megan H Avatar Megan H
January 27, 2023

I’ve been going here for years and could not recommend this place enough. Anytime I reach out with a question or concern I get a response right back with an appointment available either that day or the next. This is a very trustworthy place that I recommend to everyone I know.

zach griffith Avatar zach griffith
March 27, 2023

Best doctor I’ve ever had. Adam cares about you and your health and always works to solve problems instead of just treating symptoms. Takes your care personally and it’s easy to tell he cares about you as a person and not just customer.

Natalie Mullen Avatar Natalie Mullen
October 27, 2022

Adam and Dara have been great at helping me understand and improve my health and my kids' health!

Nikki O Avatar Nikki O
February 27, 2023

I highly recommend Adam and NuMed Direct Primary Care. If you are looking to optimize your health, Adam's program is changing the game for the better.

Jake Cummins Avatar Jake Cummins
December 27, 2022

I have been coming here for almost a year now. I have to say they are the most responsive clinic I have ever been to! Adam listens to EVERYTHING I say, answers ALL my questions/concerns, explains everything in detail, gives me all of the options, and cares! They are VERY accommodating and have always seen me when I need to be seen- even same day! I recommend Adam Courchaine with NuMed Direct Primary Care over all others!

Maria Burke Avatar Maria Burke
January 27, 2023

Great care, friendly, attentive, and maybe best of all, they listen.

Jerry Redman Avatar Jerry Redman
December 27, 2022

Adam has been awesome in his care and discussion around optimizing my health. As a runner and overall very active person, I appreciate the care Adam has for helping me become the best athlete and human I can be.

Ryan Carlson Avatar Ryan Carlson
April 13, 2023

Excellent service. Couldn’t ask for better health service.

Adam Sorich Avatar Adam Sorich
April 13, 2023

I’ve been a member for several years. Dr Adam & Dara are always so quick to respond & so welcoming when in the office! He is interested in the whole individual. He’s never tried to push any treatment, always gives options & solid information. As someone who had lost faith in traditional Western medicine, I fell very lucky to have found Dr A! Thanks for all you do!

Debi Contreras Avatar Debi Contreras
April 26, 2023

Adam has been an amazing healthcare partner to my husband and I! He’s knowledgeable and we love his wholistic approach to keeping us healthy!

Carrie Olejnik Avatar Carrie Olejnik
December 27, 2022

What an amazing concept! Adam is bringing medicine back to how it should be and how it was decades ago but in a completely modern and new way. Direct Pay Care offers the best of any local medical clinic but with a personalized and hands on approach. To top it all off, Adam is absolutely engaging and passionate about what he does. All it took was a 5 minute conversation and I knew that NuMed was for me and my family. No other clinic in town can offer the same benefits to my large family as NuMed can. We chose NuMed over half a dozen other similar options because of the value, the benefits, and the “On-point” provider. If you are looking for a better alternative to over-inflated, insurance controlled healthcare, NuMed is right for you.

J Wood Avatar J Wood
May 14, 2019

Alan is extremely knowledgeable in the fields of longevity, nutrition, excercise and general health and well being. I’m glad to have such a bright individual helping me navigate this complex field.

Lawrence Waldron Avatar Lawrence Waldron
February 27, 2023

NuMed and Adam and Dara Courchaine are the best most conscientious medical providers I have ever trusted my care and the care of my children with. I am a “doctor mom” (not a real doc) of 5 kids and I’m super involved in my wellbeing and theirs. It is hard to find a provider anywhere who I feel cares as much about my little tribe as I do. They’re all about the whole person. Whole health, and truly thriving rather than just fixing sickness. I would recommend Adam to anyone. And have. My hope is to send him so many patients he has to stop taking new ones. He’s that good. Dara too. From regular stuff to the tough stuff I feel like I have a true ally in a primary care provider, and one who really listens to me and respects my feelings and worries doesn’t talk to me like I’m a child nor does he pat my head and tell me not to question. He talks me through anything I need to talk through and he helps me look for answers til I find them. Direct Primary Care IS the way to find a provider who isn’t just cranking out visits. And Adam is the best of them all.

Ariane Mullen Avatar Ariane Mullen
November 27, 2022

Adam is one of the most passionate people I know. Have you ever felt like just a number at your primary health care facility? If you have an HMO like I do... you know exactly what I am talking about. Adam is the exact opposite of that. Adam LOVES what he does and it shows! What he does is HELP PEOPLE! Same Day appointments, No cost appointments, open communication, savings on prescriptions, etc. You are never just a number with Adam and his team... He makes you feel like you are part of the family.

Matt Moriarity Avatar Matt Moriarity
April 12, 2019

Adam and Dara are both great. If you have an appointment for 10:30, they actually see you right at 10:30!!! Adam is extremely knowledgeable, doesn’t mince words, doesn’t waste time, and most importantly, he works to see the bigger issues and underlying causes rather than throwing drugs at a problem. I found them through a referral from a friend and have since referred them to others.

Jake Viano Avatar Jake Viano
March 27, 2023

Adam is great! the staff is very caring and responsive. I also prefer the nutritional approach along with sound medical advice. I would recommend this team to my friends and family. If you have never used direct primary care I strongly recommend the model. very affordable for the service provided!

Anthony Stallings Avatar Anthony Stallings
August 21, 2020

The staff sees the individual (n=1) and uses Lab work for data and informed decisions. Very accessible and willing to educate me along the way.

Susan Trice Avatar Susan Trice
February 27, 2023

Adam is awesome! I have been a patient of Numed for a couple of years now and I have been extremely pleased with the level of service I receive! Adam is always responsive and very knowledgeable! Any time I have an issue it is addressed and resolved quickly. Direct primary care is such a great alternative to going through all the hoops of insurance and trying to get in to see your typical doctor. So much cheaper and way more efficient! 100% recommended!

Matt Smith Avatar Matt Smith
April 13, 2023

I cant tell you how amazing Adam is! We as consumers have become accustomed to being treated like cattle when it comes to our healthcare. Well, with NuMed Direct Primary Care I never feel that way. Always quick to respond and always wanting to listen to what my concerns are regarding my health. Always asks what it is I want or think I should do and then will give his professional opinion. Keep up tje great work!

Hiten Patel Avatar Hiten Patel
April 13, 2023

Adam and his team are amazing. If you have an issue he will go above and beyond to help you with it. Not something that happens in this medical world very often at all. He is for the patient and the success of the patient and willing to help in anyway he can for your success. He’s and outside of the box, intelligent thinker. Would recommend his practice all day. Grateful to have his support!!

Sharon B Avatar Sharon B
December 27, 2022

The care is far better than any primary care practice. I went in for an issue and the conversation not about just this medication and call back in a week. We developed an actual plan, both medication and activity strategy and guess what? It worked. Its also nice the cost of medication was probably 90% less than going through a pharmacy.

Shane Callahan Avatar Shane Callahan
July 14, 2020

The care I’ve received at NuMed was exemplary; Adam was caring and thoughtful, explaining in detail lab results and solutions to any anomalies in the report. Their approach to medicine is cutting edge and innovative. Highly recommend.

Linda Wehrle Avatar Linda Wehrle
April 26, 2023

I’ve been seeing Adam at NuMed now for several years. I am so impressed with the wonderful care that I receive. I even sent him up in my business and all my employees use him as well.

Great Guys Heating, Cooling, and Electrical Avatar Great Guys Heating, Cooling, and Electrical
December 27, 2022

Being able to speak with medical staff about nutrition and exercise goals has been invaluable. I feel incredible. I feel stronger and have better muscle definition. It also feels like most of my minor aches and pains have gone away. Even some of the mental symptoms like "brain fog" and anxiety, which I have been having for about a year and a half now, have decreased in frequency and severity. The overall improvement to my health and mood have far exceeded my expectations.

Mark N Avatar Mark N
January 27, 2023

Amazing service! Adam is so very helpful and always available when needed. He takes his time and really works hard to find resolutions that are best for the patient. Highly recommend Numed for anyone looking for alternative options to Insurance.

Mary Truel Avatar Mary Truel
January 22, 2020

Adam and his team are extremely attentive and always available. They make healthcare attainable and enjoyable. I rest now knowing I have them in my corner!

Angela Peek Avatar Angela Peek
March 6, 2020

Adam and Dara are amazing. Very knowledgeable and caring. I recommend them to everyone I know

Dominic Penaflor Avatar Dominic Penaflor
January 27, 2023

While NuMed's model is amazing, what really sets these guys apart are Adam and Dara, themselves. Any time I need something, they're just a phone call or text away. This truly is how primary care in America should be. And while the responsiveness is great, even better is that they actually want to help treat the "whole you". They're not fans of pumping you full of drugs to just treat symptoms. Rather, they help you get to the root cause of your issues. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Kevin Stark Avatar Kevin Stark
December 27, 2022

Adam and Dara are excellent providers! I feel included in their care plan for me and they empower me to take positive action for my own health. They also communicate clearly and effectively.

Pamela K Avatar Pamela K
November 27, 2022

Fantastic availability.

heath wolfe Avatar heath wolfe
April 27, 2023

Since I left my old employer, I have retained Adam's services as my primary care for almost a year, his professional and kind manner has become a crucial part of rebuilding my health for the first time in over a decade. I feel amazing, and owe it in big part to Adam's professional and amazing dietary and health plans he has put me on. I will recommend his services to any and everyone who needs quality primary care or sports medicine...this is the place to go!

rob munshower Avatar rob munshower
April 13, 2023