Ketamine Therapy

What is Ketamine

When other forms of therapies have failed to address depression, anxiety and trauma, psychedelic therapy can often provide a beacon of hope to help you get energized and motivated to take on your daily challenges. Ketamine is a safe, effective medication that, when coupled with professional therapy, can greatly enhance your body’s resistance to depression and anxiety.


At NuMed, we consider ketamine therapy as a treatment option for various challenging conditions. Ketamine is an FDA-approved medication that has been used safely for many years and has shown promising results in treating:

Our highly skilled team tailors individualized therapy plans that integrate intra-muscular ketamine therapy, psychotherapy, ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP), and other advanced medical treatments. Our goal is to empower you to reclaim the life you may have once believed was beyond reach.

Procedure and Treatment Process

Our expert team creates tailored therapy plans that combine intra-muscular ketamine therapy with psychotherapy and other medical treatments to help you rediscover the full life you may have thought forever lost.

1. Consultation

2. Initial Treatment

3. Observation

4. Follow-up Treatment

Callie W
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Dr. Adam and Dara are the two best people ever!!! They always treat me like family. They truly care and listen to what you need. I have the upmost respect for them!!! I would recommend them to the world… thank you for always taking care of me mentally and physically!!!