Reasons Companies Benefit from Direct Primary Care (DPC)

Companies of all sizes are becoming more familiar with the Direct Primary Care (DPC) model for their employees. Low monthly membership fees coupled with personalized healthcare without copays and deductibles, DPC is trending to become the preferred choice for many Americans. 

While there are numerous benefits from switching from traditional healthcare to a more modern approach to health and wellness, here are four main reasons your company should consider making the switch. 

Reduces Healthcare Costs

For employers and employees, DPC eliminates the health insurance aspect of the physician and patient relationship. By reducing high deductibles and copays, employees are able to afford preventative care under the DPC model. All primary care needs are covered with the monthly membership fee. For as low as $75/mo. per employee, NuMed members are able to receive comprehensive care, unlimited office visits, extended provider time, lab work and imaging, custom wellness plans, EKG checks and more!

Improved Attendance

In most cases, a healthy employee is a happy employee. Preventative care helps mitigate trips to the emergency room or urgent care clinics. Preventing, managing and addressing acute health issues as they arise also allows employees to optimize their productivity at the workplace. 

Additionally, under the DPC model, employees continue to seek medical treatment and advice without the headache of extra expenses or time dealing with insurance companies. 


DPC makes it feasible for employees to seek primary care in a way that is easy and convenient for them. At NuMed DPC, we offer flexible appointment times, text messaging and direct access to our healthcare professionals when our patients need it.

There’s no need to wait in long lines or find out that your physician is booked months out. The DPC model eliminates all of that and puts the control and convenience back to the patient.  

Recruitment and Company Benefits

One of the many ways companies can recruit and improve employee satisfaction is through company benefits. If you are a small business here in Colorado, you understand the significant cost of providing traditional insurance to your employees. For many, it’s not realistic. This is where a DPC like NuMed comes in. We provide low cost membership plans that are transparent without compromising the quality of healthcare the patient receives. It’s truly a win/win scenario. 

Finding the Right Direct Primary Care Provider

Since DPC is a more modern approach to healthcare, companies are starting to understand the many benefits it has for not only their business but employees as well. 

NuMed Direct Primary Care is located in Centennial, CO and provides our members unlimited access to our healthcare professionals for a flat, low monthly fee. We take a holistic approach to health and wellness and provide our patients with quality services that are tailored to their unique situation. Contact us to learn more about how our membership can help your employees become more productive and live a healthier life!