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Ever wonder what it would be like to not have a three or four week waiting period? Your health deserves better response times, and at NuMed, we excell at giving you that.

We really mean Unlimited Office Visits!

Instead of trying to nervously get your questions out in 1 visit, we offer unlimited phone/video/email/in-person visits at no charge to members. We aim to get you in the same or next day. No stammering while you try to get your notes out, only to be told you are only allowed to discuss one issue. We want to hear you. This allows you to relax and be sure you are understood. We don’t have you schedule out months in advance. We’re here for you when things pop up. If you have questions, or just want to talk about health/wellness, let’s do it. The ultimate reward is a healthier and happier you!

What is in it for me?

We encourage a healthy body and mind, however, a medical emergency does not wait. So why should you! If you or a loved one need a second opinion or some guidance, we are here for you!

Same-day or next-day office visits!

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